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After a very long hiatus, I'm finally back.  Afghanistan's satellite internet pretty much killed any chance I had of keeping up with DA, so I have 1174 notices to go through and I feel like I owe something.  While I didn't really have the mental bandwidth while out there to write new poetry, I am working on something that popped into my head the other night.  Still in draft form though, so maybe tonight or tomorrow you'll see something new pop up.

In other news, I contributed a welcome video to Cloudsdale Congress (which went live on my birthday) so that I was there at least in spirit.  Recording at 3am after a 20 hour day really shows my complete lack of personality and acting skills.  See people, this is why I was director for the pageant and not IN it.

I also recorded some shorts for Firenvy's EQLA panel and am eagerly awaiting recorded footage of that as I'm really curious to see what other people sent in and what audience reaction was to it all.

Now it's back to getting in the swing of things with the DC Bronies meetups again, getting settled in my new apartment and new job, and getting ready for the upcoming conventions (biggest of which are Bronycon and Otakon).  My previous experience with conventions on a professional level has completely and totally cemented in my brain that I will not be anything other than an attendee (or perhaps on a panel) in the future.

Now off to find new favorite artists to throw my money at!


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